The knowledge-sharing platform

Change is constant, and no one company or individual has all the answers. We have to navigate challenges together. We curate connections that introduce you to like minded experts to grow your skills and network.

Our Mission

We connect dynamic professionals across industries to unlock unprecedented learning opportunities across non-competitive companies, both in-person and virtually.

1. We believe in learning by doing

Connecting through the Hoppin platform is an opportunity to interact with and ask questions about fields and people you’re interested in, rather than sitting on the sidelines.

2. We believe in a beginner’s mindset

Our community attracts people with a beginner’s mindset: when you’re always learning, new connections present opportunities for fresh perspectives in your day to day work.

3. We believe in the power of reinvention

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your career, skill set, or network, the Hoppin community offers a sounding board, support system and knowledge base for your career goals.

4. We believe in entrepreneurship

View your career with an entrepreneurial mindset: how can I continuously improve myself and what I bring to the table? How can I leverage my network for mutually beneficial feedback, knowledge sharing and guidance? Hoppin connections help you answer those questions.

5. We believe innovation is driven by new perspectives

Seeking feedback from someone with a skillset and point of view that is different from yours can give you valuable insights about your products or process, and point out blind spots.

6. We believe in progressive leaders

Hoppin connections allow leaders to create a regular stream of new perspectives for their team’s projects, and to facilitate a culture of thinking outside the box.

7. We believe in empathy

Hearing about the challenges of others gives you new ways of approaching your own obstacles, and an increased ability to truly understand the person on the other side of the table.

8. We believe that trust is a springboard for growth

Allowing your talent to connect with other professionals seems counterintuitive. But our curated matches and structured conversations are designed to provide resources to assess team processes, projects and best practices from an informed perspective.

9. We believe in lasting connections

Over 60% of our matches stay in touch, and this mentorship can lead to more introductions, invaluable advice and support, professional collaborations, and impactful friendships.

10. We believe in authenticity

The Hoppin community is made up of real people with real stories, sharing the wins, losses and lessons they experience every day.

11. We believe that everyone should have access to learning

Our platform is democratizing access to industries and roles. Our community is made up of people who want to lift up and learn from each other, regardless of what makes them different.

12. We believe in paying it forward

Connecting with someone in our community is an easy way to share your knowledge and skills to make a difference in someone else’s career.

The Founders

Our founders, Bilyana and Luuk, met 2.5 years ago on their last job and bonded over tales and legends from working across three continents. What jumped out was that no matter the industry, every job they've had turned out different to what they expected. Hoppin was born out of the belief that you can’t possibly know if a job is right for you without experiencing it first.

They both shadow and host shadowers regularly and are driven by the mission to build a great company that brings inspiring work to the next generation of professionals.

Bilyana Freye

Bilyana learned the power of job shadowing early in her career. After starting in risk management and realizing that it wasn't the right fit, she arranged a one day shadowing experience, that lead to a 180° career pivot and 5 years in a completely different part of the company. More importantly, it sparked a dream and an idea: what if people could shadow beyond their company? Beyond their industry?

Luuk Derksen

Luuk is self-taught in machine learning, blockchain and cyber security, which is why he believes the only way to learn is by doing and experiencing something yourself. For him, degrees don’t matter. What matters most is 1.) how quickly someone learns and 2.) what they do with what they’ve learned. He co-founded Hoppin because it’s the perfect platform to facilitate both of those things.