In the future of work, we solve by sharing

Our knowledge sharing platform connects top operators across companies and industries for in-person and virtual experiences. In our changing world, no single person or organization has all the answers. To navigate challenges effectively, we have to learn from each other.

Impactful alone. Amplified together.

Professionals from top organizations trust Hoppin for connections with like-minded experts.

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What we do

We help companies and communities to enable connections and knowledge-sharing, at scale, both in-person and virtually.


Curated 1:1 Connections

1:1 matches for conversations with peers to share ideas and advice, with a new topic every 2 weeks


Cohort Roundtables

Speak candidly with <8 peers about challenges in your field. Share perspective and resources with trusted experts.


In-Person Job Shadowing

Spend a day with someone in an unexplored job or field. Gain new inspiration for your current role, or the next one.

Temporarily on-hold due to COVID-19

The Platform

Our technology provides personalized matching, facilitates bookings and captures relevant feedback and insights. Hoppin seamlessly connects your team with skilled professionals for thoughtfully curated and impactful learning experiences.

Engage and Inspire your Talent

The Hoppin job shadowing platform enables you to foster engagement, drive innovation, and unlock powerful learning insights for your team. Perfect for organizations looking to enhance their employee development programming with unique, ready-to-use offerings.

Yolande Piazza, CEO Citi FinTech (Shadower)
"I had an incredible experience shadowing through the Hoppin platform. It was fascinating to learn about tech innovation and be exposed to a new industry."Yolande Piazza, CEO Citi FinTech (Shadower)
Sandra Campos, CEO, DVF (Host)
"I loved having a smart and talented CEO to share [the day] with. It helped me see things from the outside, and helped me recognize our team's strengths and areas for improvement."Sandra Campos, CEO, DVF (Host)
Chief People Officer, Dig Inn (Host)
"Hoppin is a modern way to execute talent marketing and drive employee engagement."Chief People Officer, Dig Inn (Host)
Christian Layolle, Head of Business Development, the Business of Fashion (Host)
"What I realized during this experience was how refreshing it was to have an outsider spend the day with me. Sergio's presence, questions and insights broke the routine and actually made me think about a few new things along the way differently. I think anyone and everyone should experience both hosting and shadowing. A great exercise for fresh thinking!"Christian Layolle, Head of Business Development, the Business of Fashion (Host)

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