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Why Host Job Shadowers?

Demonstrate your values

Show your dedication to diversity & inclusion and your willingness to give back.

Get a fresh perspective

Infuse your business with different viewpoints and innovative ideas.

Grow your brand

Bring people along on your business journey and create a community of fans and advocates, and get rewarded for it.

How it works

We make it easy to start hosting on the Hoppin platform in three easy steps.

Sign up to host (5 min)

Sign up as a host through our onboarding flow. You will already provide us with the information to build your profile.

Submit your profile

Once our team reviews and approves your application, you will be notified that we are putting your profile live!

Start hosting

Once your profile is live, shadowers will be able to browse and request to book your experience immediately.

1 day

Average duration of an experience


Of shadowers perceive the host's company more positively after a shadowing experience


Minimum yearly shadowers as a requirement to host


Host commission of the total price


Average shadower rating of the experience and their host

The Benefits of Hosting a Job Shadower

I love to meet people that have the drive to do something. I want to make sure they know that it can happen. I’m always telling shadowers to work in the industry that they want to learn most about.

Chrissy Fichtl, Founder at Apotheke

One of the best ways to learn is to teach. So many people are interested in learning, and we want to provide them the opportunity to get exposure. This is a great opportunity to help someone find their passion and who knows, maybe even their next role. Every time we host a shadower, Hoppin donates money to the charity of our choice. Such a meaningful partnership!

Stacey Payne, People Experience Leader at SoulCycle

It was a great experience! We wish we had the opportunity to shadow a job/career of interest. We love supporting women and it felt great to offer some guidance and/or tips that could be useful!

Jessica, CEO at JPD Studio

Become a host

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical shadowing experience look like?

Every day is different! This varies from industry to industry. For example, a day in the life of a choreographer will be wildly different from the day of a product manager in a growing start up.

Wherever possible, we recommend the following:

  • Create an agenda the day. It will help you manage your day and help them better understand what to expect.

  • Start with a 15-30 minute introductory chat to set the context for the day.

  • Take them along to as meetings as possible! It’s a great way for shadowers to see you in action, learn from your communication style, and meet your network.

  • Share tools & best practices.

  • Team lunch anyone?

  • Feel free to give your shadower an independent, hands-on task that gives them a flavor for your role.

  • Ensure you have a 1:1 debrief chat where they are able to ask any outstanding questions.

  • While shadowing is all about exposure to real life try to incorporate as much variety and showcase the highlights of your team, organization, and industry.

How do you work with large organizations?

There are typically three ways in which we work with large enterprises:

  • Sending employees shadowing at innovative, non-competitive companies as 1-day engaged learning experiences.

  • Hosting engaged outside talent to experience parts of the organization you'd like to highlight or specifically recruit for.

  • Do both!

What if something unexpected happens at work on the day my shadow visits?

It's OK, we’re in the business of showcasing real life and being authentic! Our shadowers crave transparency and enjoy seeing what a job/company/ industry is actually like. In fact, genuine and vulnerable hosts often receive the best reviews and turn their shadowers in their biggest advocates!

Who are the shadowers?

We are proud to empower a community of curious business adventurers, passionate about learning and making connections.

Shadowers typically fall into three categories:

  • Learners. These are employed individuals looking to advance their capabilities and networks through experiential learning (typically top performers aged 35+).

  • Career Switchers. Millennial professionals looking for new opportunities (25-35 years old).

  • Side Career Builders. Motivated individuals looking to learn about new industries.

Our shadowers are a self-selected group of amazing individuals from all ages and backgrounds. Meet a few of them by visiting our Instagram profile (@hoppinhq) or by reading our newsletter.

What if I’m too busy to create a good experience?

Hosting a shadower takes a small amount of planning and the courage to go about your day in a new way. It adds very little incremental work and may only take an extra hour out of your day: a 30 minute welcome chat and a 30 minute afternoon debrief. The rest of the time, the busier you are the better - all the more for the shadower to see and learn from!

Are shadowers basically free labor?

No. Please do not expect your shadower to arrive and know everything about your business or to be able to assist you with your job. Any tasks you give them should be for their benefit and foster greater understanding of your job. Shadowers are experienced professionals and should not to be treated as interns.

Who pays for the experience?

Even though shadowing is profoundly beneficial for both sides, shadowers pay for the unparalleled behind-the-scenes access. They also observe and learn, rather than actively work.

Hosts retain 70% of the total fee and Hoppin retains a 30% booking fee. It is currently free to join as a host.

How long is a typical shadowing experience?

All experiences range from half a day (4 hours) to two days, on average - a day! This length of time keeps the energy high for both parties and is enough to give the shadower a flavor of the job.

We believe in forming deeper connections and often see the magic unfold in the afternoon - after several hours of bonding time. A day with an engaged shadower brightens your routine and gives you and your team a chance to fall in love with your job all over again!

What's the commitment?

Hosts have full control over the shadowing experience. You decide who to accept to shadow you and how to set up the optimal experience for you (duration, location & fees).

We only ask that you commit to hosting a minimum of 4 people a year and as many as you wish. On average, people host monthly.

How do I sign up to be a host?

We are currently accepting applications for hosts located in the New York City Metropolitan Area. We take great pride in curating a community of passionate, authentic, expert hosts and we look forward to hearing why you are excited to get involved!

Apply in one minute by sharing information about your company and describe the typical day someone shadowing you might experience. Once our team reviews and approves your application, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to set up your host profile. Once your profile is live, shadowers will be able to browse and request to book your experience immediately - yay!

How do you ensure confidentiality?

We accept that certain companies and teams will be out of scope for shadowing, for example, where there is client confidentiality or heavy IP involved.

For everyone else, you’re welcome to use our NDA provided at sign up, drafted by leading law firm Wilmer Hale. You are also welcome to use your own internal version. However, only 30% of our hosts currently require an NDA - most hosts on the platform, like us, are proud to share and promote their work.

How do we sign up as a company?

We love having multiple hosts per company - the more, the merrier! For 10+ hosts, please drop us a note on hello@gohoppin.com, so we can support you through the onboarding process and better understand your goals. This way, we can channel your dream shadowers your way!